Simple Blog RoR efficient, powerful, yet lightweight blog system in RoR


Elesan rutzijol Dec 22, 2010
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Simple Blog RoR is a very efficient lightweight blogging system built in Ruby on Rails. The server footprint is extremely small ensuring short load times and better server health, not to mention user experience.

Simple Blog RoR also is very tightly integrated with Facebook and Twitter allowing for seamless integration with those platforms. It allows login via Facebook as well as Twitter out-of-the-box.

Additionally there is a lot of other support such as:

  • multiple categories,
  • tag suggestion,
  • aggressive spam prevention
  • threaded comments
  • advanced and easily maintainable links section 
  • clickstream
  • full SEO integration
  • localization of the entire interface
  • email posting
  • efficient caching using memcache
  • other extensive social features as favoriting 
  • stores all uploaded images on S3
  • efficient comment notification framework to foster dialogue 
  • built-in search with the ability to use MySQL or Sphinx for search
  • the home page can be dynamically assigned as a list of blog posts, a specific page or even a specific post 
  • includes basic a Terms of Use & Community Guidelines which should hold up for basic use at least in United States and Europe
  • includes a convenient importer from Wordpress
  • full language support for categories, posts, pages and links

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