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SimpleConference now with a complete registration framework

Elesan rutzijol May 15, 2011
sik'in: 107

The registration flow is now completed integrated into SimpleConference and fully functional. The online payments are linked into the framework as well as a very extensive solution to handle every aspect of registrations.

Some of the features include:

  • custom number of registration level and ability to have those described in different
  • full integration of PayPal payments for the registration fees
  • extensive admin functionality of registrations including a field for notes about different registrants
  • extensive email notifications for admins and registrants to know what the status of their application is
  • donation flow for the overall conference including progress meter for the overall goal (the progress meter include the conference fees)
  • admin capabilities to open and close the registration
  • admin capabilities for donation goals and a set of access privileges
  • bulk email functionality to email different lists and slices of users
  • a clear notification on the page if you haven't registered on the site 
  • support for offline payments so you can mark if they are paid by cash or in cheque


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